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Foundation Skills

Puppy to adult,  we can teach your dog at any age.  We will open up the channels of communication with  your pooch.  Skills include sit, down, stay, wait, relax on mat, loose leash walking, come when called.

Puppy Starter

Your puppy has a beautiful window of opportunity to learn that the world is a friendly place.  You will need a socialization plan to start.  Other essentials include house training, crate training, bite inhibition, basic manners

Getting a Puppy

Are you getting your first dog, or adding one to the family?  Make an informed choice with my guidance.

Adoption new start

We may not know the path that got this lucky dog to you.  Your dog may need a bit of extra help to transition into your house and your heart.

Challenging Behaviours

When addressing a problem behaviour, we will determine the root cause and develop the most effective training plan.

Enrichment walks

Build confidence and challenge you dog physically and mentally with my one on one enrichment sessions.

  • A training plan customized to your goals and your dog’s needs. Every dog is unique, your training plan should be too.
  • Private training in your home, with the entire family. Let’s get the whole family on the same page.
  • An assessment completed in your home and a detailed proposal to follow
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  • you will receive the training and educate to communicate in a clear and positive way with your dog
  • you will build a relationship based on respect and trust
  • your skills will go beyond just meeting your dog’s basic needs
  • your canine coach for life, supporting you and available on your schedule
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